Can I Install a Bathroom in My Backyard Office Shed?

The pandemic struck in 2020 and forced companies to shut their doors and implement a work-from-home system to protect their employees from the dreaded disease. Even after the global crisis subsided, many employees still prefer to work remotely because of its convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Eventually, this trend led to the rise of backyard office sheds. This worthwhile investment helps homeowners work peacefully and privately and boost their property value. It can also be a place to unwind and connect with nature. 

However, as you purchase your backyard office shed, you might wonder if you can add a bathroom to your dedicated space. This article will answer your question and discuss a few crucial things to remember. 

Can I Have a Bathroom in My Backyard Office Shed?

Fortunately, you can install a toilet in your backyard office. While this may be an excellent investment for remote employees, you must remember that you may need to put up a wall to separate the toilet area from the office. You can also connect it to a water and sewage system or choose a waterless composting toilet. That way, you can stay productive and take well-deserved bathroom breaks. 

What Is an Extra Partition Wall? 

You don’t need to limit yourself to the traditional shed design to transform your backyard office into a luxurious space. Instead, you can make it larger and create separate multi-purpose rooms. For this reason, you should invest in another partition wall to create a bathroom. 

This material lets you finish the walls with drywall, paint, and decor to help you customize your outdoor workspace into something more comfortable and stylish. You can also ask your contractors to extend the floor to accommodate your desired additions. 

Why Should You Get a Separate Passageway?

Contractors recommend installing a separate bathroom instead of directly adjacent to a workspace or living area. You can create more privacy by building a small hallway or other structure between the spaces with a door to separate them. Besides creating more separation between the bathroom and the office or living room, it can also give you more storage for your essentials. 

Moreover, you should install a passageway into your backyard office shed to protect yourself against unpleasant odors from the toilet from invading your workspace. That way, you can be more productive and not feel dizzy. 

Crucial Notes to Remember about Partition Walls and Bathrooms

When you have the necessary amenities and access to running water, you add a beautiful and practical bathroom to your backyard office space. 

It’s also crucial to remember that while creating the additional wall section will have the same process as constructing external walls, you’ll need to add a header and trimmer on both sides of the doorway. That way, you can support the cut area. 

Do I Need a Building Permit? 

When installing a toilet in your backyard office, you must consider what permits you may need to proceed with the project. Begin by researching the local laws and determining if you need to get any permission from your local government. 

You should also plan with your local contractors and ensure your plumbing system and other elements are up to code and won’t require additional permits. Moreover, you can consult with your local planning office to determine if you need a license because the regulations vary from state to state. 

What Other Options Can I Consider? 

When you currently don’t have enough money for a significant installation, you can always invest in a porta-potty. This cost-effective solution lets you remove it from your outdoor space and won’t need special permits.


A bathroom is one of the best investments for your backyard office shed. Considering your needs, working with professional contractors, and following local regulations can help create a productive remote work environment. 

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